The boy is ALWAYS losing his keys. He must have lost at least ten this year. In fact it may be more.

He loses them when he’s out. Sometimes when he’s in.

Where the keys go, he never knows.

Sometimes he is cross at himself, for being so careless.

Sometimes it is someone else’s fault, usually his brothers.

Sometimes he believes they have been stolen, that we will be burgled.

Sometimes the fate of the keys is fantastic – taken by unicorns over the rainbow.

Each time the outcome is the same. No keys.

We have tried numerous ways to try to keep the keys.

Key rings in any size or shape. Large or small, their destiny the same.

Favourite music bands, or teams, or places, or even photos.

All will end up missing.

Consequences of various forms, never alter the outcome.

No key – becomes a hassle.

Paying – he never has any money anyway.

Going himself to buy a new key – he “lost” the money on the way.

I now buy in bulk – it’s cheaper. I don’t tell him. We always have a spare.

He sometimes has to wait for a key. He sometimes has to pay.

He always ends up with another.

It took me awhile to understand. I shared with him what I thought.

Keys are symbolic.

You have the keys to the house, which is a home.

Keys are security. Keeping you safe.

Keys can lock a safe, keeping your valuables secure.

Keys can lock people away, bad people in jail.

Keys can lock you to someone’s heart, forever in love.

Keys can wind an old clock. The tic tock never stops.

Keys are independence, showing coming of age.

Keys show you belong. That you belong in THIS home.

So I shall replace his keys.

To show him he is safe.

To let him see he is secure.

To lock in the belief of our forever home.

To keep winding that clock, always tic-tocking.

To reinforce he belongs, that he has a base.

Look after your keys. Keep them safe, keep them close.

Keep them in your mind, treasure them in your heart.

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  1. I love the symbolism in this post and being given the keys to a home is also a right of passage. My youngest has recently had ours and has lost one set already although I know they are in the house somewhere. Thanks so much for sharing with us at #TweensTeensBeyond

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