In a crowded room, he would disappear. Blend in, to be one of the crowd. No one would bother him. He would be safe. In a crowded room. His colours would be luminous. Fluorescent. So bright, everyone would know he was there. No one would bother him. He would be safe. In a flash mob dance... Continue Reading →



I have a video of one of the boys. We were on a train, trundling down to London. Watching the world whizz by in a blur. Occasionally focusing on something, a shopping centre, a flock of sheep, a river flowing under a bridge. Those moments were crystal clear images, a snapshot, a clarity, that was... Continue Reading →

Snow Globe

It's idyllic living in a snow globe. It's beautiful, it's calm, it's serene. Everyone is happy, and together. Living the perfect life, in a perfect world. Nothing can harm them, they are secure and safe. Looking in, eyes wide, looking into the fantasy. It is pure, it's simple, it's magical. Out of nowhere, a hand... Continue Reading →

The Group

This weekend has been lovely. Six families from across the country. Some traveling through snow blizzards. Some stopping in hotels. Some heading home and some crashing at friends houses. One of the families was simply away for the weekend, and others gate crashed, us all meeting up. We are all so different. The "children" aged... Continue Reading →


The boy is ALWAYS losing his keys. He must have lost at least ten this year. In fact it may be more. He loses them when he's out. Sometimes when he's in. Where the keys go, he never knows. Sometimes he is cross at himself, for being so careless. Sometimes it is someone else's fault,... Continue Reading →

Invisible String

Some very special friends of ours have a relative who lives in Australia, thousands of miles away. Recently they have been talking about a piece of invisible string that connects them all. Across the miles. Across their lives. Always connecting them. No matter what. Tom had moved away from home to a new friend called... Continue Reading →

Number 46

Again, names have been changed. The night after Tom had gone missing ( read the story here - 129600 ) I came down with a bad cold. The boys had had it, so it was inevitable I would have it. I had driven to work, but had to turn around, as I felt ill. I hate being... Continue Reading →


Floating like broken satellites, sending signals to no where. Asking, begging for help. Grasping onto the broken “happy ever afters” Shattered hopes and aspirations. All the broken promises. Of the never returned calls. Watching the broken bag of marbles. Falling and scattering across the floor. Dreaming the eternal broken dream. Of how things could have... Continue Reading →


Earlier this month I recounted how my lad had harmed himself - having been wound up by his friend. ( here's the story - Grand Central ) Things of course continued, why wouldn't they? I did get a brief glimpse of how things could feel for my lad. The day after Grand Central my lad blocked the... Continue Reading →

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