Don’t Flinch

2016 has exploded into our house. Just after midnight it became too much. We were simply sat at home, watching Big Ben and the fireworks. We watched a bit of tv. Then it was bed time and all hell broke out. Sometime ago I learnt if I flinch things can escalate, very quickly. In a... Continue Reading →


I’m Sorry

I'm sorry my son set off the fire alarm, again, when it was raining and cold outside. I'm sorry he disrupted yet another lesson. I'm sorry you heard him swearing, and shouting. I'm sorry you actually saw him thumping the wall with his fist. I'm sorry he smokes. I'm sorry he makes annoying random noises.... Continue Reading →

Sharing Melt Downs

A colleague at work told me they had thought of me the day before. She asked if we had any meltdowns recently. I asked what she meant. She told me what a melt down was to her, a stroppy out burst; a defiance to an instruction; a refusal to eat tea. She then said our... Continue Reading →

Taking Care

Caring for the Caretakers * Be gentle with yourself. Remind yourself you are an enabler, not a magician. * We cannot change anyone else. We can only change how we relate to them. * Find a hermit spot. Use it daily. * Give support, encouragement, and praise. Learn to accept it when you can. *... Continue Reading →

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