Head Lice….

In my real life I work in a children's hospital. Years and years ago I was working on the surgical ward. We had sent a child to the operating theatre for surgery, I can't remember what, but I recall it was complex surgery.  I suppose it always is with children. Anyway...an hour or so later... Continue Reading →



When I was younger I had several physical problems, needing several operations. By the time I was 13 I'd had 10 - 15 operations. I was a sickly little thing. It was one of those things. I knew nothing different. I thought that was what happened. My parents were amazingly supportive. My mother would stay... Continue Reading →

The Fall

I was pulling out of a junction this morning. In the distance was a family, there was a lady, and two children. The little boy, about 3 years, was running, as fast as he could, he tripped, he fell. Smack on the floor. He stood up, he was in shock, he was in pain, he... Continue Reading →

Don’t Flinch

2016 has exploded into our house. Just after midnight it became too much. We were simply sat at home, watching Big Ben and the fireworks. We watched a bit of tv. Then it was bed time and all hell broke out. Sometime ago I learnt if I flinch things can escalate, very quickly. In a... Continue Reading →

Calm and Peaceful

It was our first Christmas. The children had moved in 9 months previously. I was still on adoption leave, so had time to prepare. I wanted to make new memories. To create new traditions. To create some magic. The house resembled a garden centre festive display. There were lights everywhere. Tinsel hung off absolutely everything.... Continue Reading →

I’m Sorry

I'm sorry my son set off the fire alarm, again, when it was raining and cold outside. I'm sorry he disrupted yet another lesson. I'm sorry you heard him swearing, and shouting. I'm sorry you actually saw him thumping the wall with his fist. I'm sorry he smokes. I'm sorry he makes annoying random noises.... Continue Reading →

Broken Ties

The boy has only gone a broken his collar bone! It was after a tackle during a football match at school. He heard the bone crack. We waited in casualty to have the news that he had fractured his clavicle, he would need to wear a sling, he would need to come back to fracture... Continue Reading →

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