Head Lice….

In my real life I work in a children's hospital. Years and years ago I was working on the surgical ward. We had sent a child to the operating theatre for surgery, I can't remember what, but I recall it was complex surgery.  I suppose it always is with children. Anyway...an hour or so later... Continue Reading →

Through the Fog

We had watched something trashy on TV. Well, to be fair, we had all been half watching and half on our gadgets. I like to think I am down with the kids! James headed off to bed. I said to Tom not to be long, no he wouldn't be long. Yeah, see you in the... Continue Reading →


Our whole life is absorbed with living, waking, waiting, Listening, anticipating, second guessing, planning, Plotting, back peddling, emailing, texting, Meetings, organising, posting, signing, Explaining, explaining again, explaining  more,   Controlling our breathing....   Catching the next curve ball, dodging the grenades, Building the scaffolding, putting out the touch-paper, Fighting the fire, damping the flames, It's... Continue Reading →

Picture on the Wall

We have a large canvas photo hung on our wall. It's a festive picture, from our trip to a Christmas Wonderland There are Christmas trees in the background Covered in lights and baubles. The boys are wearing pom pom hats, and huge cheeky grins. People always comment on how lovely the picture is. How magical,... Continue Reading →

An Epilogue?

It is has been a pretty full on couple of weeks. The events of Mate Crime followed by The Next Day had left us all reeling. Tom and James went to Scouts the following day. It was during Scouts Tom's phone started ringing. He answered a couple, then left the phone with one of the scout leaders. The scout... Continue Reading →

The Next Day

The next day after the events of Mate Crime,  James and I went to the police. I wanted support for Tom, who was, I felt he was being exploited and used. He needed support. Things were escalating. The police officer was really sympathetic. He took records. He understood the money was not the issue. He saw... Continue Reading →

Mate Crime

I think I had heard of Mate Crime, but not until this week did I really know what it is - thanks to my mate Befuddled Mum for explaining it to me. Mate Crime is where vulnerable people are used, abused, and / or exploited. Trafford Clinical Commissioning Group say: "Many vulnerable adults have few friends, and... Continue Reading →

The Middle of a Tornado

This is what life feels like. Being in the middle of a tornado. Sometimes maybe a little one, but sometimes a towering, storming mass of chaos. Sometimes you walk straight through, but sometimes you can't breathe, as the air is moving so fast around you. Sometimes the noise is deafening and explosive, sometimes it deafeningly... Continue Reading →

One for the Boys

Back in November 2013 we were interviewed by Kate Hilpern (@KateHilpern), from The Guardian newspaper for an article about adoption and for National Adoption Week. I was very wary about the boys being interviewed, but they loved it. They were so proud of it. Kate was understanding and compassionate. She wanted to hear our story,... Continue Reading →

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