I have often wondered what it must be like for my two, who have experienced trauma, to have flashbacks. Where they relive a memory, an experience. You know those bracelets, that snap around your wrist when you touch them? That’s what it’s like. Sometimes you can be fiddling with it for ages, nothing. Then touch... Continue Reading →

Grand Central

Living with teenagers, whose every track is affected by their trauma, is like a train ride. Recently has been no different. We have moved house. We were on the coastal route, slow train by the sea. A chance to soak up the views. To kick back, and chill. A chance to look at the scenery.... Continue Reading →

Scattered Showers

In this new world I am living I watch TV on an evening. I usually don't sit down until late, the boxes seem to be getting smaller, but we are still finding things. Oh, and one of the TV remotes STILL hasn't turned up. It will be somewhere safe ...I  know it... Anyway, I digress.... Continue Reading →


The other day I was told several times, in a kind of dismissive way, sometimes patronising way, that the way the “nearly the adults” are behaving – is normal. That I shouldn’t be complaining. That every other parent of “ nearly an adult “ was living the same, on a day-to-day basis. Can I be... Continue Reading →


The week leading up to the move I had planned and theorised everything. I had tried to second guess every eventuality. I had kept the boys away from all the drama of the solicitors, estate agents, removal companies, buyers and sellers. It was all so stressful. I had plates spinning in every direction. Some precariously... Continue Reading →

Choose Move

We are moving house. They say moving house is up there with the most stressful life events. Yep. I get that. It's an adrenaline filled roller coaster of everything. We are nearly there. More or less packed. Can't find anything! Anyone seen the breakfast cereal? Oh, it's packed. The kitchen roll? - Packed. The hamster... Continue Reading →


I have a button, actually, I have lots of buttons. Thank goodness I do, otherwise I would not survive. I like to click constantly. Inside my head. The clicking means I am ready, ready for anything. Click, click, click. My life is full of buttons. Like in the cockpit of aeroplane. Sometimes I know I... Continue Reading →

Breaking Dawn

Tom had been out most of the day. He must have had a nice day, spending time with his friend and family. They had a nice family lunch and then all went out. They must have had a nice day. That evening his friend was going to stop at another friends. Tom sent me a... Continue Reading →

Our Stairs

We are moving soon. Getting ready to move has stirred a lot of memories. We have two flights of stairs. Our Stairs The first Christmas morning, the boys tiptoeing like elephants “Is it time yet, can we go down stairs?” “No, go back to bed, it's only half past four” Twenty minutes later “No, it's... Continue Reading →

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