Picture on the Wall

We have a large canvas photo hung on our wall.

It’s a festive picture, from our trip to a Christmas Wonderland

There are Christmas trees in the background

Covered in lights and baubles.

The boys are wearing pom pom hats, and huge cheeky grins.

People always comment on how lovely the picture is.

How magical, how special. How memorable.


The picture covers a hole in the wall.

The hole was made in anger, a fist thumping the wall.

There will have been lots of anger, fury and shouting.

The hole is too deep to mend by ourselves.

We need someone to help.

Someone who knows what they are doing.

Otherwise, the hole will reappear, probably bigger.


We have a picture on our wall.

We have lots of pictures on our walls.

Lots of happy, smiley faces.

Some are sunsets, some are landscapes.

Some are big pictures. Some are small.

Memories to hold on to.

Memories to cherish.


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11 thoughts on “Picture on the Wall

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  1. Such a metaphor about life, especially those that appear so perfect online and on social media. It’s easy to think they have a better life than us when really everyone has their good and bad times. Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays. Kaye

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s weird, was just reading your Adrift post, and it wouldn’t let me comment – was going through FTTWR, will go direct. Yes of course, will head over now and also comment on your blog.


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