Standing on Rainbows

Yesterday I had the absolute honour and pleasure of reading at my friends baby’s naming ceremony. My friends suffered losing three babies during pregnancy, it was utterly heartbreaking for them. Eventually, beyond all their wildest dreams they had their baby. Babies who come after such heartache are known as Rainbow Babies. This is my reading…

Standing on Rainbows

Rainbows appear in the distance, in the sky, in the haze on the road.

They are seen everywhere, they stay with us all the time.

When we see them, we stop, we look, we remember. 

As you read this, you will see, in your mind’s eye, a rainbow. 

A memory, an image, a feeling.

Keep your rainbows in a photograph album in your heart


Rainbows come after the storm, in the stillness of the calm. 

They are projected across the screen on the horizon.

They can be barely visible, or brilliantly vivid.

Each colour shining brightly, bridging across the distance.

Each arch perfectly blending into the next. 

Each time causing us to stop, to think, to look.


So stand on your rainbows.

Look across to the horizon.

Absorb all around you.

Take a deep breath of the fresh air.


Look at the different colours making up your rainbow.

You can’t keep them, but you can share them,

You can’t stop them, but you can remember them.

You can’t predict them, but they are always around you.


Stand on your rainbows. Stand and be proud.

Squeal as you slide down your rainbow helter-skelter

Try to catch the colours, as they disappear.

When you need to hike back to the top of your rainbow,

Look around to see how far you have come.

Stand tall as you can on your rainbow.

It’s yours and no one else’s.

Keep it, share it, love it.

We need our own rainbows, to help us to sing more out of tune,

To dress more wildly, to laugh more loudly, to love even stronger.

Love each and every second of standing your rainbow.


Here’s the necklace I got made, each stone represents their family.

Rainbow, babies, miscarriage, hope, love, rainbowbabies


11 thoughts on “Standing on Rainbows

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  1. My friends have just finally had their rainbow baby so this is poignant for me too.
    What a lovely reading!
    It’s a very emotional time isn’t it? But so lovely to be so happy for others xx


  2. This is so lovely, what a lovely poem and the necklace you gave them is such a touching gift. Your friends are so lucky to have such a wonderfully supportive friend. Im so pleased your friends were able to have their rainbow baby, such a lovely story after so much heartache. Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays. Emily

    Liked by 1 person

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