The Knock at the Door

This time last week Tom was assaulted. It was a group of lads who he knew. They took his e-cig from him, then refused to give it back. He called the ring leader a thief. They thumped him around the head, several times. Tom said he didn’t hit back, he didn’t fall over, he didn’t cry. Just took it. He telephoned me. We went to the hospital. Lots of bruising, nothing else. We reported it to the police.

A couple of days later the police came round. We were encouraged to do nothing. It would be their word against his. Tom would be known as a “grass”. He should rise above it.

Sunday night we had pizza for tea, it was about 8 o’clock, Tom went to chat to his mate on his phone upstairs. I was at the toilet. There were several loud bangs on the front door. As usual no one answered the door. There were more bangs on the door, I came out the toilet. Tom charged down the stairs screaming “they’ve come for me”. I opened the curtain, looked through the window, there was a group of teenagers stood on our path, one with a baseball bat. Tom was trying to get passed me. James was on the phone to the police. Tom lost it. He was running around in a blind panic. I got the door keys, went out, the group ran off. Tom went in to flashback meltdown. He ran off upstairs, got dressed. He squared up to me to let him out. He was totally out of it. He bolted out the back door, and got over the fence. We called the police again, I was scared, really scared as to what Tom would do. The police call handler, kept saying they were nearly there. Tom turned up, shouting at a group that had appeared down the road. There was lots of aggression, but no violence. It was some of the lads who had hit Tom at the beginning of week. A police van turned up down another road.

Tom knew who the lads were, they were covered up with scarves on their faces outside the house. Turns out they had been knocking on other doors, one of them had a clown mask, they were throwing stones at houses. There was another man who spoke to the police too, they had knocked on his door and done the same to his 7-year-old daughter.

Looking back, I know they were just trying to intimidate and wind up Tom. He absolutely lost it. Thank goodness he didn’t do anything.
I was begging the police to get here. I told them what had happened at the beginning of the week. Tom was screaming at me to get out-of-the-way, whilst the police were on the phone. When he bolted I told her his background, and his vulnerability.
A police van turned up down another road, chatted to some people. I turned up, the policeman briefly said they were short on the ground, so they would have a drive round, but unless they caught them with a baseball bat they wouldn’t do anything.
That was it. Nothing else. Tom eventually fell asleep on the settee around midnight. The police didn’t come, or contact us. I was still stood at my bedroom window at 2am watching, waiting…



Names have been changed.
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  1. Oh my goodness, what an ordeal for you all. I read your post with my mouth wide gasping at every twist and turn. No child should be intimidated in this way, and it is no wonder you became scared when it triggered such a reaction in your own child. I really hope this is the end of it for you…. Lily x


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