So much has happened. Nothing has changed.

Sorry for not being around. The boys finished school in June. Each day has been a roller coaster. I was still working most of the time, so each and every single day was meticulously planned. If it wasn’t, then there was drama. There was drama anyway, but it would go up a level, or three. I feel absolutely shattered. I feel drained. I have shut down I think.

We did go away for two short breaks, not far, not long. Still had drama. One of them decided to break up with his girl friend. He then disappeared in to the middle of no where in the middle of the night.

We also had self-harming, seeing dead people, voices in the head, meeting up with people at 3am. We had dabbling in drugs – luckily that scared him. There were threats from a kid’s Dad. We’ve had the iPad smashed, holes in walls, everything lost, found , then lost again. We had exam results, they didn’t get what the wanted, so trips to colleges and meeting with tutors. Twice.

I had a car accident. No one hurt, but scary. Car in for repair and a hire car for two weeks. Huge scratch appeared on hire car – no one knows where from – needed to be repaired.Call from my mother at 4am – my father not well, blue lighted into local hospital. All fine now – chest infection – loads of steroids and antibiotics.

We are in the process of selling the house – to move nearer the colleges, and my parents. Have probably had nearly 20 people round the house to have a look. Each time, the house needing blitzing and shining. All lovely people, no one wanting to buys yet though. Although there was one chap who said we would do better to get rid of our clutter – he has no idea how hard it has been to clear a walk way through the house for people to walk through the house with out it looking like a war zone. Oh, one day we had to hide the stain on the carpet from the cup of coffee that was thrown from one Mini to the other…thank goodness for rugs.

One of the Mini’s gave my contact details to a number of online telemarketing scams. The number of calls and text messages is slowly getting less now. Anyone who wants PPI, credit loans, life assurance, or an enhanced penis advice, let me know, I have all the contact details for you. He also logged onto my Amazon account, and had a field day – luckily I realised fairly quickly, cancelled the orders and changed the password.

They attended a residential. Everyone was asking if I was enjoying the peace and quiet. I would have had I not been having calls and messages up to and beyond midnight, with this and that. Then one night I had to go across and persuade the leaders not to send one of them home.

That’s just the bits I recall at the moment. No wonder I am tired. So much has happened, but nothing has changed.


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  1. I empathise with the house-destruction, and have often thought what a nightmare it would be trying to sell our place with the frequency of incidents – broken toilet seats, scribbles on walls, peeled-off wallpaper in the children’s bedrooms, etc. I hope you get an offer soon!

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